Week 18: Retroperspective

This time we used digital Post-Its to visualize the Retro. What went well? All Blogposts and Peer-Reviews were made in time Successfull Keycloak integration “it works” What didn’t go well? Priorities were set elsewhere Unclear Vision and a lack of motivation resulted in procrastination and stagnation of progress Communication did not go that well all […]


This week the topic we’ll be talking about is Scrum.Scrum is the currently most popular form of agile workflow and is primarily used for software development.We won’t talk about how Scrum works, but about how we implement it. You can read about how Scrum works here. Our sprints will be one week long. The reason […]

Team, Roles and Technologies

Team and Roles Teammember Role Area Jan Hansel Implementer, Deployment Manager Backend, Database, Deployment Marlon Müller Implementer, Designer Frontend, Design Eric Dehmel Implementer, Test Manager Backend, Database, Testing Robin King Business Designer, Analysis, Implementer Business Modeling, Requirements,Frontend The roles have been assigned considering the strengths of each team member. While the roles define the primary […]

Peer Reviews

An overview of all peer reviews by SaSEp:Clairvoyance members. Semester 2 Week Reviewed Project Reviewing SaSEp:ClairvoyanceMember 2 Arrerac Eric Dehmel 2 MAPHYNN Robin King 3 MAPHYNN Jan Hansel 3 unitasks Eric Dehmel 4 towerdefense Marlon Müller 4 itemize Robin King 5 GreenClothaWay Robin King 5 towerdefense Marlon Müller 6 Arrerac Jan Hansel 6 MAPHYNN Marlon […]