We came a long way…

Hello everyone and welcome to our final Finals blog entry.

Just a few words:
We are all very happy about how this course went. We learned a lot and spent a lot of time developing and documenting our project. It is nice to see how it all went out 🙂

We hope all groups are as happy as we are! Thank you Prof. Berkling for your work. See you in the next semesters! (Eventually :D)

Your Clairvoyance team

Enough talking. Here are all the things required for the finals:

API documentation:


Live Environment:

Use Cases:

Function Points:

Software specifications:

All the blog posts:


– Final:
– Handout:

– Midterms:

Motivational tutorial video

Last but not least:
All blog entries, all documents, all source code, all reports in one .zip:!AlJn_uPRF-6hnVHnch_CbekBuODl?e=ahXzwD

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