Week 18: Retroperspective

This time we used digital Post-Its to visualize the Retro.

What went well?

  • All Blogposts and Peer-Reviews were made in time
  • Successfull Keycloak integration
  • “it works”

What didn’t go well?

  • Priorities were set elsewhere
  • Unclear Vision and a lack of motivation resulted in procrastination and stagnation of progress
  • Communication did not go that well all the time


  • Define a clear vision of what you want to do
  • Clear and regular communication
  • Get Priorities strait
  • Let everyone present their work regularly


Overall this semester could have gone better. Next time we will make sure to properly pick a topic everyone is interested in and not just pick something on a whim. Also seeing each other in person regularly probably would help aswell. In the end we managed get done with the project.

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