S2 Week 5: Refactoring

Hello everyone,

in this week, we had to refactor an example project to practice avoiding code smells and overall programming.

In this special case every single of our project members had to do the task on his own. This ensures that even some of the lesser experienced team members get some practice and better code quality.

In the following everyone had to use a separate repository and commit every change with the appropriate code smell. In addition to that, unit tests had to be written to insure proper functionality after refactoring.

Here are the repositories:
Marlon: https://github.com/MM53/Fowler
Robin: https://github.com/kingr89/fowler
Eric: https://gitlab.com/CaptainFroggi/se_refactoring
Jan: https://gitlab.com/dunksten/own_fowler

We all used IntelliJ for our refactoring, which has a lot of useful functions to refactor your code. For example you can “rearrange code”, “optimize imports”, “cleanup” and “reformat code” automatically on every commit.

Thank you guys and see you in the next.

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  1. Hi everybody 🙂

    Nice work! I especially like the tests of Jan! But the link for Eric isn’t working 🙁 Maybe some privacy setting? Robin, you comitted the configuration of your IDE. Think about using the .gitignore for projects as it looks much cleaner. Last but not least, Marlon: nice!

    Best wishes <3 <3,

    Jeanne (bookly)

  2. Heya everyone,

    I can only mainly repeat what the bookly team already said, however you could’ve implemented more test code to be sure that everything works fine inside your code!

    Have a nice day

    Florian (itemize)

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