S2 Week 4: Test

Testing is an important part of every project. It gives an immediate feedback on the functionality of your code.
For SaSEp we are using the following tests:

Type of TestTechnology
Unit TestJUnit
Feature Test/UICucumber
Integration TestJUnit and test DB

Example of a test result:

test result

You can find further information in our testplan document.

Additional links:
Maven file

Edit: After a long time of trying different things to get the cucumber tests to work. We finally get it by replacing Ruby as the language for the step definitions with Java which solves all the dependency issues we had with Ruby before.

The following video shows a run of most of our feature-files. Even if not all tests succeed, the code is working. The failing tests are caused by some problems with our test data, but using better data should fix those tests too.

Feature-tests run

Test coverage

coverage report

Tech Stack:

Tech Stack as deployed

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  1. Hi Team SaSEp,
    so far, it’s good that you have some tests set up and that you are aware of what kind of testing you plan to run in the future.
    Reading your blog, some questions came up out of interest:
    Do you already use any CI or are you running your tests locally before pushing commits to the repository?
    Moreover, some of your chapters in the testplan are not filled yet (e.g. cahpter 3 and 5). Are you going to finish the plan within the next weeks?

    I`m looking forward for further content!
    Kind regards,
    Nicolas (Team Tower Defense – B4)

    1. Hello Nicolas,

      thank you for your comment.

      Yes, we have indeed all of our CI pipelines set up. The “Build” and “Test” pipelines will run at every commit push.
      After a branch is merged into our develop stage, our “Deploy” job will be executed as well, deploying the develop branch to our live test system.

      Yes we will fill in all the chapters in the next few weeks.

      Jan from Clairvoyance

  2. Hello Team SaSEp,

    your tests look really good, as far as you have done them.
    We really like your plan of testing; it looks pretty detailed and gives an good view about the future of your project.

    Keep it up, I like your ideas.
    Your Arerrac Team

  3. Hello there,

    your testing (and of course the respektive documents) looks great so far, there’s nothing we find faulty. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to test our project, since we were using Unity, so we can’t compare to our results.

    Stay classy,
    Ted’s Team

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