“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

Warren Buffet

At SaSEp we have a vision of Clairvoyance’s look and power by the end of the course. However, we in this constellation as a team have never refined a project to this stage of completion before. There are many things that could go wrong. We do not quite know what we are doing, but we know there are risks involved. We have collected and evaluated the most pressing risks to our successful completion of this course in the following list:

Risks, risk factors and risk mitigation strategies

To further evaluate these risks, we have looked into the past. Last semester we did decent progress on several use cases. Since we track the time we spend on each ticket in youtrack, the report behind this link is always up-to- date. You can see our time spent from inception the the 29th of April 2020 below:

SaSEp: Spent time by use case

With this information in hand, we at SaSEp feel well equipped to manage the risks this project involves competently and to make Clairvoyance a success.

See you next week

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  1. Hi SaSEp Team 🙂
    i like your listed risks! But i think you’re missing a bit of the time tracking of your use cases. See http://dhbwse20192020.pbworks.com/w/page/139323072/SE2_week2_Risk

    As we shall compare the total time for our use cases with the calculated FP’s it’s probably better to save the time from your chart into an extra table (I know this sucks). I think the documentation and testing part is missing in your chart too. 🙁

    Best wishes

    Jeanne (bookly)

    1. Hello Jeanne,
      we have the total time for each use case in our report.
      Testing and Documentation is not that much yet, because we did no testing yet and documenting was not that much.

      We managed to get the function point/hours comparison for each use case.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Jan from Clairvoyance

  2. Hey SaSEp!
    I must say; your risk mangament looks really good. I like the detailed description for the Risks migrations and the way you described the Risks. All the risks make sense to me and my Team. we have a similar oppinions.
    Friendly tip “External Use Cases Table”. This table is pretty important for the next lecture “function points”
    Stay Save!

    1. Hi TheFriendsLook,
      thank you for the praise.
      You were right on the “External Use Cases Table”. If you are interested in us planning our next steps via function points, have a look at our new blogpost.
      Best wishes,

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