Welcome back!

Hello again!

We are back on track with our Software Engineering project and want to share our plans and goals with you for this semester.

First of all, we added another five use cases for our scope until 2nd of July.
We created the activity diagrams and the mockups for planning and getting an idea how everything should work and feel.

You can find everything in our documents Gitlab here:

To get an overview, here is our overall Use Case Diagram with the new use cases:

For convenience we link all new use cases below:

So what did we plan with all these use cases?

We want to make our Clairvoyance platform more powerful, more personal and we want that our users can contribute.
Everyone should be able to build his dream league with custom teams and players to compete against each other.

Not just predictions, but the latest news around esports on our platform.

We want to write and publish exclusive news articles on our platform to inform our users about the latest news in esports.
Eventually everyone can apply to become a news author.

Complete rewrite of our backend

We did some mistakes last semester which result in a very overcomplicated backend structure and bad maintainability. So in the next few weeks, we will reorganize our backend, reformat our code base and add useful extensions like keycloak-spring and lombok. This will make our lives easier and the application much more safe.

Better planning and organization

Planning is key and so is preparation. We want to rethink our business process and our scrum workflow to act faster and prevent inconsistence and bad practices.

That is it for now.
Thank you for following our process again and good luck and successful builds to all of you.

See you in the next week.

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