Our retrospective got our team talking about the good, the bad and steps to a better future (for Clairvoyance). Our flip charts are in German, but I will explain the content in English.

The Good

We do our homework on time. We reliably write blog posts and peer reviews in accordance with each weeks grading criteria. The spring boot hello world instance is up and running (sometimes). SCRUM tools are deployed and are utilized (more on this later). Some Use Cases regarding the frontend are nicely specified and come with pretty mockups.

The Bad

Some weaknesses in our inception phase have become apparent: there is currently one UC with one UCD that covers both user navigation to and view of the data. The UCD and its mockups specify the navigation well.

While we have all the tools to SCRUM, we so far have not used them effectively. This spirals adds to our time management issues and a lack of ownership by team members.

Steps to a better future

We will add a new UC to deal with the data view. Over UCs and our SRS will be adapted accordingly. More realistic specs and informative UCDs will aid implementation.

The biggest step towards more productive (team)work is build on the making SCRUM work. We have all the tools, now we will use them. Specifically, team members put things, they want to have done into tickets. Appropriate parts of the product backlog are pulled into the sprint backlog each thursday. YouTracks timekeeping feature will be used at a short retro to compare the input of each team member to address impediments.

I believe we have identified some of the biggest impediments in SaSEps workflow. The tools change things are already deployed. Now we have to change our work culture to level up.

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  1. Hi Clairvoyance,

    it seems like your retrospective was a terrific success and shined light on the important talking points for you. The Fridgify team made similar conclusions and decided on having better communication and teamwork. Your scheduled meetings will help you tackle these problems. We can’t agree more on the importance of Youtrack as it provides a lot of useful tools.

    We are also thrilled to see your updated UC and SRS.
    Until then…

    Stay cool. Stay organized.
    – Your Fridgify Team

    1. Hello Fridgify Team,

      thank you for your nice comment.

      Especially the regular sprint meetings are important for us!
      We want to improve our documentation by updating our UC and SRS more often. So you can be sure to see them in the future!

      Kind regards,

  2. Hi Clairvoyance team,

    you did a good job on identifying your problems. Especially by pointing out missing documentations like use cases and its corresponding diagrams, you address potential impovements in communication and possibly the overview of implementation details.
    However, your negative aspects are not “complete”. You mention the issues during the Inception phase, but it would be good to explain other points stated in the picture a little bit more detailed – like “implentation” and “vision”. Maybe also add additional translations of your items.
    Besides from that, it’s good to hear that you’re proud of the current state you’re currently at. I took a look at your mockups, and I agree that they look nice.

    I wish you good luck on challenging and solving your problems!

    [email protected]

    1. Hi Kevin,

      thank you for the nice tips and improvements you mentioned.

      Our implementation and vision points are simple to explain. We want to precise our vision of the product we want to build. With more details and prototypes for our features. We also want to develop a complete API documentation before we start to code. With that, all the development work will be much more organized.


  3. Hi Clairvoyance team,
    Your post looks good. It covers all theretrospective questions.

    It would be interesting to know the proposed solutions you have chosen.

    Kind regards
    Rama Abou Saleh

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