This week the topic we’ll be talking about is Scrum.
Scrum is the currently most popular form of agile workflow and is primarily used for software development.
We won’t talk about how Scrum works, but about how we implement it. You can read about how Scrum works here.

Our sprints will be one week long. The reason behind this is to synchronize our worklow with the Software-Engeneering-classes and the homeworks. We will use YouTrack as agile board since it fullfills the given criteria. You can find an live overview with the Burn Down Chart here.

Time Tracking
Git integration
IDE integration
Agile Board
GANTT chart

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Your blog entry looks fine – no improvements for this week’s homework. Just a little question: are you using tags to group your elements in YouTrack?


  2. Hey guys,

    It looks like you did all the things that are needed for the week. But one thing you may improve is the structure of this blog entry. I needed a few minutes to understand the meaning of all of your pictures. It is possible to understand it but maybe you find a way to improve the structure a bit.

    Yours sincerely,
    Team Tower Defense

    1. Hy Luca,
      thank you for your input.
      I´ll change the structure of the post later on to make it a bit more structured.

      Eric Dehmel

  3. Hi guys,
    I for myself have the same troubles as luca, you blog is a little unstructured and hard to read, because you have a lot of screenshots after screenshots without Headlines and describing text.
    Also I’d like to see a burndown chart (the GC also “- burn down by time not points”).
    You may also add a GANTT diagram if it is possible for you.

    best regards
    [email protected]:Itemize

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