Last week we specified our three first use cases including activity diagrams and mockups. This week we add narratives using the Gherkin-syntax. Screenshots of the feature files from the IDE are depicted on the blog. The whole feature files are linked and have been added to the use cases under narrative.

Our first feature file for our UC Collect public data for these scenarios:

The start of the feature file for our UC Registration and Login:

Parts of our feature file for the UC View our data:

We are still at the absolute beginning of using cucumber. We look forward to any tips and tricks you might offer and we promise to keep you up to date about our own testing regime.

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  1. Dear Clairvoyance Team,

    in my opinion your narratives are great!
    Everything is clear and understandable described, so everybody can follow your thoughts.

    But you should probably think about your decision to define espicially your Login as a Use Case. In Class was mentioned that a Login does not count as a Use Case.

    from easyFinance

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