Class Diagrams

This week was quite busy. We had to complete our use case diagrams with 3 use cases we hadn’t implemented so far, but which are required until December. You can find all of our use cases in our documents git here: After that, we designed our first database scheme. We wanted to create basic […]


Our retrospective got our team talking about the good, the bad and steps to a better future (for Clairvoyance). Our flip charts are in German, but I will explain the content in English. The Good We do our homework on time. We reliably write blog posts and peer reviews in accordance with each weeks grading […]


This week the topic we’ll be talking about is Scrum.Scrum is the currently most popular form of agile workflow and is primarily used for software development.We won’t talk about how Scrum works, but about how we implement it. You can read about how Scrum works here. Our sprints will be one week long. The reason […]


Last week we specified our three first use cases including activity diagrams and mockups. This week we add narratives using the Gherkin-syntax. Screenshots of the feature files from the IDE are depicted on the blog. The whole feature files are linked and have been added to the use cases under narrative. Our first feature file […]