This week we created our base software requirement specifications (SRS). It was quite a challenge to accomplish.

First, we had to think about specific components and detailed features. Second, it was our first SRS. With the help of the explanations provided in the Word document, we managed to fill in all the different parts.

It is much more clear now how we have to build our project and moreover which parts are important. For example, accessibility is not a point most software engineers think about in the first place. But it is really important for our users. Another important point is security. Since we will use external APIs and services to get our data, we have to think about vulnerabilities in our data processing. Especially things like SQL injections might be a problem.

You can find the newest version of our SRS in our documents git wiki:
It is still kind of WIP so please remember that when commenting 🙂

We also did our first use-case diagram. For that we had to think about specific user interactions with our application. You can find that on our documents git and in this blog post as an image.

This use case diagram specifies two actors: Contributors and consumers.
The system is divided in a frontend and a backend.

The backend part of the system stores collected data from public leagues und processes data to calculate ELOs and predict results. In the feature, it should be possible to get advice on optimizing a teams composition based on the processed data.

The frontend initially will be focused on consumers (casual users). They can view our calculations, get an account and customize their interests.

We plan to add contributor accounts at some point in the future. Contributors would be able to provide their own data, say from their private tournament. The backend would calculate the stats. Contributors would maintain control over the access to their data.

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  1. Hi Clairvoyance team,
    the work you have done this week looks pretty good to me. You provided a thought out and easily understandable UCD as well as an already quite detailed SRS. Of course you will need to change some points there, get into more detail and keep it updated but for right now its more than fine. Keep up the good work!


    1. Hello Felix,

      thank you for your comment!
      We appreciate your nice words about our work. We are pretty confident that we will get some more points and details on our SRS soon.


  2. Dear Clairvoyance team,
    I think you did a good job this week.

    Your UCD is precise and short but not too short to miss information.
    A good overview is provided and I would like learn more about the ralization of the single parts.

    I’m pretty impressed about the first part of your SRS and really curious about the hopefully following information of the parts which are not filled out yet.


    Nico from easyFinance !

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