Team, Roles and Technologies

Team and Roles

Jan HanselImplementer, Deployment ManagerBackend, Database, Deployment
Marlon MüllerImplementer, DesignerFrontend, Design
Eric DehmelImplementer, Test Manager Backend, Database, Testing
Robin KingBusiness Designer, Analysis, ImplementerBusiness Modeling, Requirements,

The roles have been assigned considering the strengths of each team member. While the roles define the primary task of each member, the overall development will be agile, so everyone is able to assist in other areas if required. Not defined but needed roles and areas, like Project Management, will be worked on by the whole team in the same way. Therefor, as already mentioned, an agile form of development process, for example Scrum, will be used. The exact form of agile development has yet to be decided.

Technologies and Tools

BackendJava, Spring MVC
FrontendHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js
Project ManagementGitlab, YouTrack

We decided to use YouTrack as our issue tracker/project management tool. First we wanted to use Gitlabs built-in issue board, but we need time-tracking, sprint planning and more detailed reports. As a platform for using git, Gitlab is always our first choice. Features like merge-requests and especially the built-in CI/CD pipelines are great.

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  1. Hello,
    your team roles are defined well. Your Tools are defined well too, but you did not explain why are you using those exact tools. The design of the site is very good through its simpleness.
    The RUP-Terminology is used correctly.

  2. Hi SaSEp team,

    you provided enough information for this week post. Your team roles and tools are concisely described. However, I’d change Robin King’s Role “Design” to just “Frontend” in case you imply to use that term in Frontend, otherwise please extend the role by a short description. Besides that, your assignation is RUP-compliant.

    By the way, are you going to deploy your application via Docker or just plain on a dedicated server/vServer?

    Until then, keep on going!

    Kevin, Team GameBase

    1. Hello Kevin,

      thank you for your nice comment.
      We will change Robins role from Design to Frontend.

      For deployment, we want to use Docker. Therefore we can use Gitlabs CI/CD with a Docker image registry.


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