Peer Reviews

An overview of all peer reviews by SaSEp:Clairvoyance members.

Semester 2

WeekReviewed ProjectReviewing SaSEp:Clairvoyance
2ArreracEric Dehmel
2MAPHYNNRobin King
3MAPHYNNJan Hansel
3unitasksEric Dehmel
4towerdefenseMarlon Müller
4itemizeRobin King
5GreenClothaWayRobin King
5towerdefenseMarlon Müller
6ArreracJan Hansel
6MAPHYNNMarlon Müller

Semester 1

Week Reviewed project Reviewing SaSEp:Clairvoyance
1HopperJan Hansel
1Stats-ScreeningMarlon Müller
2MAPHYNNRobin King
2hypercasualMarlon Müller
3Stats-ScreeningEric Dehmel
3PiPossibleRobin King
3MAPHYNNJan Hansel
4GreenClothaWayRobin King
4GameBaseEric Dehmel
5easyFinanceJan Hansel
5Tower DefenseMarlon Müller
6KeyCloudRobin King
6Tower DefenseMarlon Müller
7OneTouchJan Hansel
7cozyMarlon Müller
8MAPHYNNEric Dehmel
8LogicGameRobin King
9TrackYourFitRobin King
9FoodyJan Hansel

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